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5 Healthy Mocktail Recipes

I can not wait for you to try 5 of my favorite healthy mocktail recipes I love to make at home!

It’s been a year since I have had alcohol, the longest period of time I’ve gone without it. I remember when I decided I would give it up for 30 days and thought how will I be social without it? I have traveled, gone out with friends, date nights, tailgating, holidays you name it and guess what I still had a great time but even better is waking up the next morning continuing to feel my best mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Did you know that alcohol was classified as a group 1 carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on cancer? And this is not a recent finding, this was decades ago. I had no clue but the more I research the more I find reasons to stay away from it.

There are countless studies of why removing alcohol for short periods of time or for good is VERY beneficial to your health, in more aspects than I ever realized. 

Studies have shown removing it can improve your vision, kidney health, your liver (especially the ability to detoxify your body), your heart health, your brain health, anxiety, depression and the list goes on. Even removing it for 30 days has shown such significant improvement in all the above areas. 

Our society has made drinking in unhealthy amounts so common but I am noticing a movement of more and more people reducing it or removing it completely because they’re discovering the same thing I have- we just feel a lot better without it in our life.

Time to give you the 5 recipes! I included the links to the recipes so you can see how I make each of them.

Jalapeño Mock-A-Rita Ingredients (for 2):

2 limes

1 jalapeño 

2 teaspoons of organic raw honey 

1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar 

1 1/2 Organic Coconut Water (no sugar added)

Let’s make it: Muddle 8 slices of jalapeño, juice two limes then add ice to your shaker. Add all the ingredients to the shaker. Shake for at least 30 seconds and pour over ice.

Recipe for 2 Paloma Mocktails:

1. 1 cup of Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice 

2. 1 tablespoon of Homemade simple syrup (recipe:

3. 2 shots of Ritual Tequila Alternative 

4. 1 can of blood orange Spindrift

5. Ice, limes and fresh mint 

Let’s make them:

Place the grapefruit juice, Ritual and homemade simple syrup in a shaker. Then place ice in the cups, pour 1/2 can of blood orange spindrift in each cup, shake the shaker and fill each cup to the top. Squeeze a lime wedge and garnish with mint.

Coconut Margarita Mocktail Recipe:

5 ingredients: 

1. 3 oranges (6 ounces)

2. 8 small limes (12 ounces when squeezed)

3. 1 can of organic cream of coconut 

4. 2-3 ounces of hot honey 

5. 4 ounces of ritual tequila (alcohol free) if you wanted alcohol you could easily swap this out

Makes 6 servings

Let’s make it. Juice the fruit & then add all the ingredients together. Add 4 ounces of filtered water when blending all the ingredients together right before you serve. You can serve over crushed ice or add 3 cups of ice to a blender.  I actually loved it both ways. 

Garnish: lime wedges & organic coconut shreds.

Strawberry Mojito Mocktail Ingredients:

🍓2-3 juicy fresh organic strawberries

🍓1 1/2 lime wedges

🍓Organic fresh mint

🍓1 can of lime bubbly

Let’s make it: Muddle the strawberries, 1 lime wedge and fresh mint together. Then add ice and pour the lime bubly over your muddled mix and ice. Garish with the 1/2 lime and I can not wait for you to enjoy this!

3 ingredient Gut Healthy Mocktail:

Here is an easy full flavor 3 ingredient plus low in sugar mocktail recipe:

1. One can of Poppi, I used the ginger lime flavor 

2. 1 sprig of Organic fresh mint

3. 1 Organic lime 

Slice the lime in wedges and in slices. Place the fresh mint at the bottom of the cup, then the lime slices on top and pour the poppi on top.  Squeeze the lime and the garnish with a small sprig of fresh mint, then enjoy! 

Heath benefits: 

🍈Probiotics, apple cider vinegar from the Poppi! 

🍈Antioxidants & vitamin C from the lime.

🍈the fresh mint can provide benefits such as improving brain function, digestive symptoms, relieving breastfeeding pain, cold symptoms and it can freshen your breath.

And the next day you get to keep feeling your best 🥰


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