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Are You Ready For Someone To Finally Listen To You? 

 Are you feeling any of these things:

  • Frustrated inside your own body. You do not feel like yourself from within and do not recognize the woman staring back at you in the mirror.

  • Like something may be off but you are not sure what it may be causing you to feel this way. You are not sure if it's with your hormones or with your gut or maybe it's something else, but you feel frustrated because you have no idea what it is thats causing you not to feel like yourself.

  • You have tried all the things but nothing seems to work nor does is seem sustainable for life.  


  • Overwhelmed with all the things that are being be shared on the internet on how to lose weight or what might be wrong with you. It's almost paralyzing and you have no idea where to even begin your wellness journey.


  • You find yourself doing good all day long with your nutrition and then after dinner you find yourself eating all the things or maybe you do great all week fueling your body properly but then the weekend hits and off the rails you go, feeling like every single Monday you are back at square one. You feel like you are stuck in a self sabotaging cycle you have yet to break free from.


  • You feel frustrated because the healthcare professionals you have worked with seem to shrug off what you are sharing with them because everything "looks" fine and normal but you don't feel fine or normal and frankly you would like to feel better than just fine or feel like the average person feels. 

  • You find yourself constantly speaking negatively about yourself and how you look or you just find yourself being pretty negative in general and it just doesn't feel good.


 Maybe it is one of these things or all of the above either way I am so glad you are here. My hope is whatever it is that is causing you to feel  these things we can get to the bottom of it once and for all. There is a reason why you are here reading this and as we discover what this is together I want  you to feel heard, I want to get you answers and help you get to that place where you feel so good from within you can't help but exude that on the  outside. 


Five 1:1 virtual sessions.

The first session is after you fill out a very thorough intake form. We will go over your intake form and the rest of the time I am listening to you, asking questions and answering your questions. Based off what you share we will discuss what to do prior to our next session. We will meet for 1 hour.


The second session is 2-3 weeks later. This session we will go over your personalized plan for the next 30 days. We will meet for 1 hour. 


The third session will be after you have spent 30 days implementing your personalized plan. We will meet 1:1 for 1 hour, we will discuss what has happened in this time period, make any adjustments as needed, if no lab tests have been done up to this point we may need to look at this option again.


Our fourth session is 30 days later for 30 minutes to discuss your plan, refines things as needed and answer any questions you may have.


Our fifth session is 30 days later for 30 minutes our last session and we will discuss your long term plan, if any changes need to be made moving forward and answer any questions you may have.


Outside of our five 1:1 sessions together I will set aside an additional hours for our weekly email check ins, answering your questions during my business hours whenever you reach out to me, going over labs & personalizing your journey/plan. I reserve a total of 24 hours for each client over a 5 month period to provide service to you on your wellness your journey.


You will be provided with personalized tools and resources that will help you specifically on the journey you are on. You will get access to logging and journaling your daily habits in an app I will give you access to.  This allows me to monitor and analyze your wellness journey.

My ultimate goal as your Holistic + Integrative Health Practitioner is to not only help you finally feel heard but to help you feel so incredible from within you can not help but radiate that feeling on the outside.

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Fresh Fit Kate_charleystar-1114.jpg
Fresh Fit Kate_charleystar-1084.jpg

If you are interested in working 1:1 with me please fill out the form below. I will send you more information along with pricing. 

I do not cure, diagnose or treat diseases. I do however look at everything to find the root causes to help rebalance your body, remove toxins and replace deficiencies so we can allow and help the body to heal itself physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. 

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