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Are You Ready For Someone To Finally Listen To You? 

Never in a million years did I think I would be helping other women create healthier lifestyles. I started my own wellness journey on March 3, 2014. I was obese, heavily medicated for depression along with anxiety and found myself in a place where not only did I not recognize myself physically I no longer felt like myself from within. I had created some unhealthy habits with processed sugar and wine because in the moment they allowed me to feel good and I had such a negative mindset. I made a promise to myself and my family the day I began my wellness journey that I would never give up no matter what came my way. I took a hold of Gods hand and began to do the work. It took time as I incorporated healthier habits but eventually those habits became second nature and I finally discovered how incredible we are all meant to feel from within.

Like any wellness journey there is no finish line and we discover along the way there are waves of highs and lows that will naturally happen as we age and go through different seasons of life, navigating through many challenges and hardships that can affect our well being and health. In  2020 I began not feeling like myself as I struggled with weight gain, stress, inflammation along with gut and hormone issues. As I began my healing journey I started talking with so many women who were struggling with the same issues only they could not find anyone to help them get answers or find out what the root causes were. This led me to pursue the path to go back to school, eventually passing my exams that allowed me to become a certified Holistic Health practitioner and an Integrative Health Practitioner. During this time my marriage almost ended, I was grieving the loss of a loved one, our entire home was destroyed by a flood, my children were off to college, I ended up on bed rest for a lower back injury followed by a hospitalization for an infection in my blood, liver and appendix. There were so many things out of my control and I found my health in all aspects being challenged over and over again. It has been quite the path to rebalance my health and life in all areas. There are always going to be things out of our control but the good news is there are always things in our control as well. I share all this with you because I truly believe with all my being that God has taken me down this road to serve others in a way that allows women to feel heard, understood and that there is hope. So that's exactly what I intend to help women feel as I work with them 1:1 in my practice. I have learned life doesn't happen "to us" it happens "for us" and my hope is I can help you see this as well.

I absolutely love being able to help women learn how to nourish their bodies without feeling deprived and create healthier lifestyles in all aspects: emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. As an Accountability Coach I have had the privilege of walking along side thousands of women over the last 8 1/2 years helping them create healthier habits which then lead to healthier lifestyles. As a Holistic + Integrative Health practitioner I can now help women in a more intimate setting as I work 1:1 with them to discover what the root causes are to their struggles when it comes to weight loss, hormones, inflammation, gut issues, mindset and more. I will also provide supplement recommendations, testing and personalized plans for each client I work with. 

After years of feeling such a pull to work 1:1 with women I am now officially able to provide this service in my private virtual practice. I am so excited to be able to help you get to a place you have been longing to be at.

My ultimate goal as your Holistic + Integrative Health Practitioner is to not only help you finally feel heard but to help you feel so incredible from within you can not help but radiate that feeling on the outside.

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If you are interested in working 1:1 with me please fill out the form below. I will send you more information along with pricing. 

I do not cure, diagnose or treat diseases. I do however look at everything to find the root causes to help rebalance your body, remove toxins and replace deficiencies so we can allow and help the body to heal itself physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. 

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