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Why Does Eating Enough Protein Matter? BONUS: Smoothie Recipe & Links To Protein Powders

I am thrilled you are here so I can share some really important things you need to know about protein, my PB&J smoothie recipe and the protein options I personally use.

Why are we hearing more and more about why getting enough protein matters to our well being? Because there are so many health benefits that impact us when we eat enough which also means when we don't eat enough we can not reap the health benefits. Eating enough protein is not a fad, it has always been important I personally think we are hearing more about it because more people are increasing it and discovering the benefits from that increase, which is making them more aware of why this is important and wanting to share this with others.

Let's chat about why eating protein matters as far as health benefits:

  1. Muscle growth and repair: Protein provides the building blocks (amino acids) necessary for muscle tissue repair and growth after exercise or injury.

  2. Weight management: Protein can help increase feelings of fullness, reducing overall calorie intake and promoting weight loss or weight maintenance.

  3. Metabolic health: Protein-rich diets may improve metabolic health by regulating blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity, and lipid profiles.

  4. Bone health: Adequate protein intake supports bone health by enhancing calcium absorption and maintaining bone density.

  5. Wound healing: Protein plays a crucial role in the body's ability to heal wounds and recover from injuries.

  6. Immune function: Proteins are essential for the production of antibodies and other components of the immune system, helping the body fight off infections and illnesses.

  7. Hormone regulation: Protein is involved in the synthesis and regulation of hormones, which are essential for various bodily functions, including growth, metabolism, and mood regulation.

  8. Hair, skin, and nail health: Protein is necessary for the formation and maintenance of healthy hair, skin, and nails.

  9. Enzyme function: Many enzymes are proteins, and they play vital roles in facilitating biochemical reactions necessary for digestion, metabolism, and other physiological processes.

  10. Preservation of lean body mass: Consuming adequate protein helps prevent the loss of lean muscle mass, especially during weight loss or aging.

One thing I help my clients that I work 1:1 with is learning how much their body specifically needs to reap these benefits. I also provide them with a ton of high protein recipes and a meal plan to help them as they learn how to incorporate more grams of protein throughout their day.

The healthiest protein for your body is the kind you chew, but with that being said I personally like using a clean protein powder in a smoothie because its convenient, quick to make and delicious. Despite what my social media shows I don't always love to cook but what I do love is how good I feel when I fuel my body properly.

Let’s make this delicious gluten free PB & J high protein smoothie:

10 ounces of Malk Milk

2 organic frozen strawberries

3/4 cup of organic blueberries 

1 1/4 scoop of peanut butter protein 

1/2 tablespoon of organic peanut butter (no added oils or sugars in the ingredients)

Blend all the ingredients together. I like to take organic peanut butter and drizzle inside my glass cup and then pour my smoothie in.

This provides 33 grams of protein and almost 9 grams of fiber.

What 5 protein powders I recommend and have used myself:

  1. Just Ingredients Creamy Peanut Butter Chocolate and Lemon Swish are my favorite flavors: Discount code: freshfitkate

  2. Peanut Butter Prime Protein - Grass Fed Beef Protein Powder Isolate - Paleo and Keto Friendly, Gluten Free Carnivore Protein Powder - Helps Build and Repair Tissue. This is the one I used in the above recipe.

  3. If you want a protein and collagen all in one that is gluten + dairy free. I recommend Twenty2 Chocolate Vanilla Collagen Egg Protein. You can use my discount code at checkout to save some money: freshfitkate22 or freshfitkate

  4. Vanilla Daily Nutritional Support support powder which provides a daily multivitamin along with Preston (gluten + dairy free)under $50: Use freshfitkate for 10% off at checkout

  5. Shakeology Whey Protein Powder - Gluten Free, Superfood Protein Shake with Vitamins A, C, and E - Supports Weight Loss, Lean Muscle Support, Gut Health and Stress Management, Chocolate or vegan cookies n creamy: 30 Servings. Darin Olien co-creator and you may know his name him from the Netflix series Down To Earth with Zac Efron he shares why he formulated Shakeology with specific adaptogens:


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As a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Integrative Health Practitioner I am here to guide and make recommendations. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences, education and what I have discovered working with clients.

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