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Elevate Your Health: Exclusive Supplement Savings Birthday Event With Just Ingredients!


I AM SO EXCITED to share this with you!!!!  If you have been following me on social media you know how much I love the company Just Ingredients!  My family and I use so many of their products because they are safe, they work and they are affordable (even more affordable with this sale & discount I have for you)


Today is their birthday celebration! I was on a call with the company last night learning all about of their new products and I am so thrilled to share them with you today!  You can use this link to shop them all plus so much more and then enter code freshfitkate at checkout to receive FREE SHIPPING (they never offer this which is HUGE) on your order and that is not all…THIS IS ALSO HUGE: not only will you save 20% on anything you order anything you put on subscription you will save 20% off your order for life!!!  They also have an overstock of items which they put in their clearance for this birthday sale. The sale runs from July 10th-12th.


I want to share our home staples and then the new products they have that I will be ordering to test out myself or for my family members to try.


Our current staples in our home are the:


  • Lemon Swish & creamy chocolate peanut butter protein powder

  • collagen peptides ( the best on the market in my opinion and the most affordable)

  • Adrenal Complex (helps with stress, fatigue, anxiety & testosterone)

  • Organic Ashwagandha (this has been a game changer for my anxiety, pill form available today)

  • Tooth remineralizing and whitener powder ( my favorite tooth whitener)

  • Dry shampoo (smells so good)

  • no caffeine and no sugar added pre workout (strawberry limeade)


What I plan on ordering today:

  • Berberine: a natural compound that can help regulate blood sugar, cholesterol levels, promote weight loss and is known as "natures Ozempic"

  • Creatine: why this one? It has fulvic acid added to it which increases absorption plus non-detectable DHT which many creatines have in it and it is a potential carcinogen. It also helps with muscle strength, BCAA levels, healthy aging, brain fog, bone health and energy.

  • Magnesium Complex: helps improve sleep, nervous system, mood, bone & heart health. More than 50% of adults have insufficient levels iof this in their body

  • Vitamin D3+K2: in order for you to absorb D3 It needs to be taken with K2. This helps with mental, hormonal, bone, joint and muscle health.

  • Omega 3 Complex: helps lower inflammation but it can also help support brain and mental health, hormonal, joint, heart, eye and gut health.

  • NAD+ Complex (most excited about) this can help with hair loss, low libido, low energy, heart health, healthy aging and improved mental clarity.

  • Turmeric Complex: helps with inflammation, heal your gut lining, reduce joint pain and lesson auto-immune reactions


Just Ingredients sent me their new protein pancake mix and lemon muffin mix as well. I have not tried them yet but have heard they are both so delicious. I will keep you posted!



Last night on a call with the company they shared all of their supplements are safe to take together and in the morning on an empty stomach if you prefer, except magnesium. Magnesium is to be taken before bed.


If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out to me (hit reply) or email or message Just Ingredients on Instagram.


I hope you find items that help you and your family not only feel better but have safe items for your home along with your body at an affordable price! Click on the link below to shop and don't forget to use freshfitkate at checkout for additional savings!


To learn more about all the new supplements you can watch this video here:





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