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Veggie Loaded Roasted Chicken Soup

I love being able to share recipes that are simple, delicious & family approved. The bonus part is this not only made enough for five hearty bowls, but enough left over for five more hearty bowls. For some reason my family and I are not fans of leftovers unless it happens to be soup, chili or dessert of course. So to be able to get two dinners out of this one recipe makes it even more of a winner in this busy momma's book. Alright so lets cut to the chase so you can make this healthy hearty soup that will win your family over.

If you end up loving this as much as I do feel free to share this with your friends! I love when my girlfriends are sharing simple healthy recipes with me that my family will actually enjoy, it's a gift for sure!

Time to shop and get the ingredients to make your soup:

Serving size: 10 hearty bowls

Prep & cook time 1 hour (but most of that time your soup is simmering & your veggies are roasting)

* 12 cups of salt free chicken broth

* 1 box of Kettle & Fire tumeric ginger broth

* 4 cups of water

* 1 can of salt free diced tomatoes

* 1/4 cup of ghee

* 2 tsps. of garlic powder

* 2 tsps. of dried rosemary

* 2 tsps of tumeric

* 1 tsp of himalayan salt

* 1 tsp of fresh pepper

* 2 tsps of oregano

* 2 tsps of dried thyme leaves

* 2 tsps of dried parsley

* 5 cups of kale

* 2 plain rotisserie chickens (shred the chicken and remove skin)

* 1 large sweet potatoe cubed (I purchase them already cubed from our grocery store, huge time saver)

* 2 cups of shredded carrots

* 2 yellow onions chopped

* 4 cups of butternut squash cubed (also buy this cubed from our local grocery store)

* 2 zucchinis cut into small cubes

* 4 large celery stalks finely diced

Okay so lets get to work:

Set your oven to 425 degrees. Place the butternut squash, sweet potatoes and yellow onion on a cookie sheets. Melt the ghee. Drizzle the melted ghee all over the veggies. Then place in the oven for 30 minutes. While those veggies are cooking you are going to add all the other ingredients to the soup stirring as you add each ingredient except for the kale. Let the soup come to a boil and then once the veggies are done roasting you will add all those to the large pot of soup and set to simmer for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes of simmering you will add the kale so it has ten minutes to simmer in the soup before you serve it.

My family loves a good loaf of fresh baked bread with their soup and some grass fed unsalted butter. My hope is you enjoy this hearty healthy delcious soup as much as we did and if you did enjoy it you share it with others!

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