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Monday Meal Prep

After you look at your schedule for the week, figure out what nights you have time to grill or cook items and what nights you only have time to grab and go. Then write out what meals you plan on having each night of the week. Of course you can switch days if you are not in mood for what you have planned that night.

Here's some tips to get you started:

  1. Get rid of anything that tempts you to make poor choices out of your pantry, fridge or freezer.

  2. Make grab and go snacks. Portion fresh fruit and vegetables out.

  3. Proteins cooked or cut, trimmed & marinating.

  4. Push things that don't last as long to the front of the fridge.

  5. Cook grains or veggies that you will serve as sides at dinner.

  6. Wash all produce.

  7. Keep things organized and accessible.

  8. Ask your family to help you prep and your time can be cut in half. Kids too small to help? Get a mother's helper for an hour or get a few girlfriends together, buy your food in bulk and conquer your week together.

  9. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! Have a backup meal in the freezer in case a meal doesn't make the cut. Trust me you will be grateful for this.

Hope these tips help meal prepping and planning easier. Having a plan ready to be executed makes serving healthy meals less stressful and helps you stay on track with your nutrition.

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