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Whole Foods Favorite Finds

Here are some of my Whole Foods Favorites from my last grocery haul!

1. Richard’s Sparkling Water. Caught clean, bottled fresh, local everywhere & 100% rain.

2. Tony’s TEJAS Salsa! My favorite new salsa. No added sugar, low sodium, no fat, no oil & vegan.

3. Wellshire Smoked Polska Kielbasa. No preservatives, not nitrates or added nitrates & no antibiotics.

4. Pitaya Foods organic coconut smoothie packs. Great for making bowls or smoothies. Sugar is from the fruit is only 3g, no added sugar. Organic, manganese, 100% fruit and electrolytes.

5. Coconut shrimp. Gluten free & delicious! Great substitute if you don’t have the time to make it from scratch and it’s on sale this week.

6. Mi Rancho organic corn tortillas. Gluten free, made from organic whole corn, and are non-GMO project certified. Half the carbs that most of them contain.

7. Haven’s Kitchen Golden Turmeric Tahini dressing, sauce or used as a marinade. Gluten free, non GMO certified and preservative free.

Have you tried any of my favs before? If so did you love it and if not what are you planning to try?

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