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4 Ingredient Gluten Free + Protein Pizza

I headed to our local Whole Foods here in Charleston, SC to grab one of our favorite snacks Original beef Chomps only this time I decided to grab a new flavor to try!

As soon as I saw the pepperoni turkey 8 pack I thought not only can we snack on these to get an extra healthy protein in our day but I immediately thought I finally found a pepperoni I can use to make a healthier version of pepperoni pizza at home. It was so simple to make, gluten free, a good amount of protein, delicious and you only need 4 ingredients.

All you need is:

1. 8 pack Chomps Pepperoni Turkey Snacks

2. Siete almond flour tortillas

3. Frik & Frak pizza Sauce

4. Tillamook mozzarella cheese

Put the oven on at 350.

Lay the tortillas on the pizza pan, covered with sauce, cheese and slice up 1 chomp for each pizza to add 10 grams of protein. Bake them for 12 minutes and enjoy!!

We love pizza in our home especially the teenagers and I love that I can make a healthier version to serve 🙌🏼 I hope you enjoy this!

Excited to share this $3 coupon off for you to use on your chomps 🙌🏼 :


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