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How To Make Celery Juice With Your Blender

I was on the hunt for a new juicer to make celery juice when one of my friends asked if I had a good blender because she said all I needed was a cheese cloth and a good blender, not a new juicer. Of course I was excited to learn how to do this in my vitamix with a cheese cloth and wanted to share this to help anyone out there save some money if you don't have a juicer but already have a blender. I grabbed a cheese cloth at our local grocery store but I recommend grabbing this one from Amazon prime because it will last a lot longer and it's a better price:

So what is all the hype about celery juice and why would anyone want to do this. I personally am all about getting as many greens into my body as possible for all the health benefits. I am not a lover of celery unless it's being dipped in blue cheese, wing sauce or some peanut butter. I persoanlly feel like the best way to eat it is naked and in it's whole form, but if you are not a fan and it's more likely to get into your body if it's juiced then I feel like this is a better option than not consuming it at all.

I found this great write up on the Today blog that I wanted to share with you here that shares a lot of great details about the benefits and this so called "hype" :

So let's get started: all you need is a bunch of celery. I do recommend organic. I washed it and cut it in half then put in the blender with 1/2 cup of water. I pulse it a good ten times before running the blender for a solid minute. After it looks fully juiced, I cut a piece of the cheese cloth and place it over a cup in my kitchen sink. I pour the celery juice over the cheese cloth and it starts to filter through the cloth into the glass. Then I begin to squeeze the remaining substance in the cloth until no more juice flows.

You can stick it in the fridge for 20 minutes or so it's not warm or room temperature when drinking otherwise you want to consumer it right away in it's freshest form. It's a quick way to get a lot of great vitamins into your body. When I do drink it, it's the first thing I am consuming nutrient wise (after my coffee) of course for the day! I hope this helps you easily get some more good nutrients into your body!

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