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No Oven Needed Recipe PDF To Enjoy & More

Is it still hot where you are friend? The heat has gone up a notch here this week in Charleston, South Carolina. So let’s take a break from the heat of the kitchen and add some No Oven Recipes to our week! This PDF is a collection of my favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverage recipes that are all heat free. They are great to batch meal prep, bring to your next cookout or share with a neighbor in your next recipe swap! My hope is this helps you make your week just a little bit easier & healthier as well! I don't know about you but truth be told weeks like this I want to go out to eat and not cook at all.

Let’s keep the heat outside and take a break from our ovens while still keeping our week healthy! What recipe looks like one you must-try for you?? If you enjoy one of the recipes please tag me on social media @freshfitkate I absolutely love seeing things I have shared have helped others and feel free to shares this with your friends that would enjoy to have something like this at their fingertips!

If you are not a lover of cooking of course I need to share this with you as well! Taking care of yourself should be a choice you make daily, but many of us put off adopting new habits until we are UNhealthy and ignoring our health is no longer an option. But being healthy doesn’t have to be hard; with 30 seconds and a shaker cup you can take the first step to changing your health and nutrition today!

On top of 16–17g of high-quality protein, Shakeology is the easiest way to start your day the right way! It contains so much nutrition your body craves—digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, adaptogens, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all crucial to being healthy and feeling great. With whey, vegan and gluten free shake blend options, there is a shake out there for everyone!

When people eat less to lose weight, it makes sense that they miss out on nutrients that are necessary to support the human body. But with 60+ ingredients, many of which are typically hard to get in your daily diet, Shakeology is a delicious way to help fill in those nutrition gaps and stay on-track with your goals.

Looking for more info on “SHAKEOLOGY” and to get info on all of our new flavors, vegan and gluten free options to meet your nutrition needs today feel free to message me!

Join Ilana Muhlstein, MS, RDN, As She Talks About the Benefits of Shakeology & Shakeology Boosts:


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