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Let's Get Our Fridge Set Up For Success

Click the link below to get everything I used to organize my fridge and the links to the recipes

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I don’t like prepping all my food for the week especially when it comes to comes to cooked veggies or protein (not a reheated fan) but what I do love is having my fridge filled with a ton of different healthy grab n go options:

1. Jars with chocolate chia pudding

2. Jars with overnight oats

3. Washed fruit

4. Washed veggies

5. A container full of washed greens

6. Egg cups in glass containers for a healthy breakfast option when we’re on the run

7. Egg organizer for the organic brown farm eggs I grab (if you live in Charleston I need to send you to see farmer George for the best brown eggs)

I fill one drawer with organic meats and seafood for the week. The bottom drawer is filled with zucchini, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, peppers, carrots, celery and Broccoli. And the third drawer is filled with citrus fruits.

This has helped make maintaining my 60lb weight-loss and living a healthier lifestyle so much easier. Who doesn’t want easier???

Guess what happens when we have a ton of grab n go healthy options in our fridge each week verses stocking up our pantry with processed grab n go options? It’s way easier to make healthier choices for the week!

Whatever isn’t serving you it’s certainly not serving others in your home either so I always suggest getting rid of what doesn’t allow you to feel your best because it makes it so much easier to eat healthy at home.

Hope this all helps you!!




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