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How To Navigate The Holidays In A Healthier Way

Are you on a wellness journey and feeling a little stressed about how exactly to navigate the holidays in a healthier way this year? Keep reading because I have some tips to help you melt the stress away along with a free gift for you 😘

I want to help you remove that stressful feeling (lord knows we don’t need any extra stress in our lives) and help you prepare to enjoy the holidays with some tips that have helped me throughout the years.

  1. If you’re hosting you’re in control of what you serve. Look at your recipes and find ways to make them healthier. Hopefully the gift I have to share with you below, helps you do just that.

  2. If you’re not hosting offer to bring some healthy options like a vegetable tray, side of vegetables or a festive healthy fall salad along with a dessert that tastes indulgent but won’t send you down the spiral out of control give me all the sugar path. Here is a delicious healthy fall salad recipe:

  3. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water. Staying hydrated helps with your energy and cravings.

  4. Go into the holiday with the mentality “ I can choose to eat whatever I want (because you can) I am just choosing what allows me to feel my best”. Saying this in your head and out loud can feel empowering.

  5. If there are appetizers you want to enjoy but typically you find yourself being full before dinner take a small plate and fill it verses standing there grazing while not mindfully eating.

  6. Visually fill half of your plate with vegetables, 25% protein and 25% in carbs or fill it with 50%-75% vegetables and then the rest with proteins then save your carbs for dessert. Eat your food in this order. It will help you feel more full, satisfied and reduce sugar spikes which helps reduces those cravings after our meal.

  7. Eat slowly, chew more and breathe. I repeat "slow it down" and savor your meal.

  8. Skip, reduce or replace alcohol with a healthy mocktail recipe. Here is one of my favorite mocktail recipes:

  9. Whatever food you want to enjoy and don’t want to miss out on-enjoy without guilt. We’re talking about one meal and that doesn’t ruin your wellness journey.

  10. Lastly do not beat yourself up the next day over any choice you feel bad about. If you’re not feeling your best the next day from your choices, learn from them and just make better choices the next time. Get back to making choices that allow you to feel your best because that’s what you have control over 🙌🏼

Enjoy making this holiday healthier with this Thanksgiving Recipe Pdf below! I hope these recipes along with the tips I shared with you help melt the stress away and you have a great holiday. Enjoy making memories and all your thankful for.

Download PDF • 20.59MB


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