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Tips on How To Have A Healthy Holiday Weekend & A Free Cocktail Mocktail Recipe BOOK For YOU!

In the United States we are celebrating this holiday weekend and it's more important than ever that we are doing whatever we can to keep our minds and bodies healthy! So how do we do that esepcially in times like these????

1. DISCONNECT FROM SOCIAL MEDIA!!!! I am deleting some apps off my phone so they don't distract me because I know without even realizing it I will pick up my phone and hop on social media, then off to social media land I go.

2. BE PRESENT!!!! Disconnecting from social media is not only going to help you, it will help your family. Put the phones in a bag or a drawer anywhere but your hands. Have conversations, play games indoor or outdoors, facetime family members you miss, work on a project together, blast the music and throw a dance party, get everyone in the kitchen together for some fun cooking or baking or head to the park, beach or lake to unwind together while you soak up the vitamin D. Go for a hike, visit somewhere new or ask your kids if they could do anything together as a family that does not cost a thing what great idea could they come up with? Then do all the ideas! We wish we were having our annual family vacation with our extended family in the Thousand Islands but due to cirumstance we are unable to do that, so we making the most out of this weekend together just like I am encouraging you all to do!

3. Get Moving!!!! Not sure what to do? Go for a bike ride, go kayaking, go stand up paddle boarding, go for a nature walk, head for a hike, rent a boat, go on your own boat, go fishing, go float in a near by body of water, go learn to surf or surf, chase bubles around your kids are blowing, go take your dogs to the park, play volleyball, play a family game of basketball, play tennis, play spikeball, do a family workout, just move and do it together!!!

4. RELAX!!!!!! Breathe, don't work, read a book, listen to soothing music, take a nap, have a picnic dinner, order take out to take the night off from cooking, soak in the tub, meditate or go sit by a body of water to watch the sunrise or the sunset. Ask for a little help so not everything falls on you!

5. Attending a party? Ask to bring a veggie platter or a fresh fruit bowl to keep your healthy options available.

6. Grab a small plate, grab some indulgnaces that fit the plate and only allow the one plateful so you get to indulge but not overdo it leading to not feeling great later or when you wake up in the am. Enjoy yourself, eat slowly and savor what you are indulging in.

My hope is these tips help you!!! And if you are looking for some healthy recipes for some cocktails or mocktails to enjoy this weekend, then here is a recipe book for you! CHEERS!!!

Enjoy every moment you can this holiday weekend!! My hope is by sharing these tips I can help you make the most out of the time you have been given!



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