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Thriving Beyond Belief

Ever have one of those moments where you can’t help but feel shivers head to toe and you have a full heart knowing God is at work answering your prayers? I am having all the feels today and can not help but feel grateful to have the opportunity to be interviewed on the “Thriving Beyond Belief” podcast with Cheryl Scruggs. I am constantly praying to God asking him if he can help me share my journey, to lead anyone my way that needs what I have to offer in their life and I can not help but feel thankful he brought Cheryl and I together.

When I first received the email asking if I would be interested in being interviewed on this inspiring podcast I was taken Surely they had the wrong Katie Bryant. Cheryl Scruggs is a celebrity, interviewing other celebrities. Could she really have the right person? I was honored and taken back that she was inspired after she had started following me @freshfitkate on Instagram and wanted to have me on as a guest. As nervous as I was, I knew this was God answering one of my prayers. I knew that I needed to get over my fears and leap at this opportunity to be able to reach more people in hopes to offer them inspiration, hope and encouragement regarding their own lives. I know that the struggles I have faced and the mountains that have been placed in my past all happened for a reason. Even though during those difficult and dark moments in my life I struggle to find the positive, I never lost my faith.

It is never easy to be vulnerable and share something that once left you feeling so shameful, but I knew if I could find the courage to share my story it may help one more person find the strength to keep fighting and that they are worth the fight.

Cheryl Scruggs created Thriving Beyond Belief because many women feel overwhelmed with the chaos of life and lack what they need to truly thrive. Her podcast and online community provides women with encouragement and support to better manage their stress, create healthy relationships and to build a life that will allow them to thrive beyond belief. Every podcast I have listened to so far has left me feeling inspired. Cheryl has also been courageous enough to share her journey and wrote a Book Called “ I do Again”. Her journey is truly inspiring and has given many struggling married couples and those going through divorce a different perspective along with hope.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, Cheryl’s daughter has one incredible inspiring journey as well and I have been following her for some time. You may recognize her name from her best selling book or from the many tv interviews or magazine articles she has been in. She is a model, fashion journalist and blogger. She received international media attention when she accidentally walked into a plane’s propeller that was spinning causing her to lose her left eye and severing her hand after existing a plane in the dark after looking at Christmas lights. She courageously shares her journey in hopes it can help others. She is married to Jason Kennedy host of E! News and I just love how open they are about their strong faith. Her book “Still Lolo” will inspire you and strengthen your faith.

I am honored to officially share my podcast with you all and my hopes is that it reaches anyone that may need to hear the words I found the courage to share:

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