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11 Healthier Thanksgiving Recipes

I love being able to help others feel like they can still indulge without depriving themselves in the tastiest healthiest ways, especially during the holidays!! My hope is this helps you do exactly that! If you are cooking dinner for your entire family or just bringing a dish to pass, this recipe book will hopefully come in handy! Each week I share meal plans with recipes with my clients, which I love being able to do but I also love being able to help others even when they are not my clients!

I am excited to share these 11 healthier tasty recipes from two different turkey recipes to an indulgent pumpkin coconut custard dessert and I have even included some healthy ideas on what to do with the left over turkey!

Nothing better than being able to help each other out! My hope is this Thanksgiving you get to be with those you love and if not hopefully you get to face time them, I know it's not the same but thank goodness we have this option to able to see and chat with our loved ones...even though for many of us we would give anything to hug each other!

May you find many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving & my hope is I helped make it a little bit easier with these recipes!



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Hi, I'm Kate, a Holistic Health + Integrative Health Practitioner, Accountability Coach and  A Business Mentor. I love helping other women learn how incredible they are meant to feel from within that they can't help but glow on the outside.


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