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I'm Katie, a Holistic Health Practitioner, Accountability Coach + Business Mentor. My purpose, my calling, my passion, this drive that just fires up my soul is so much bigger than me! I am so thankful for my faith because without trusting God and his guidance I would not be where I am today. I went from struggling with depression, anxiety, weighing over 200 pounds and feeling so hopeless personally along with professionally to completely turning my life around. I had no idea how incredible we are supposed to feel from within but once I discovered this I wanted to help other women feel as good as I get to.


about kate

I’m a mom to three children ages 22, 20 and 18 and have been with my husband since college. We have a little yorkie and a Goldendoodle. We live in Charelston, South Carolina.


Being by the water, in the sunshine, getting a good sweat session in, blasting my favorite music, being with my family and laughing with friends always fills my cup.


I have a strong sense of purpose and I’m deeply rooted in my faith. I pray every morning God can help my family and I live a life that honors him.


Even though home is my favorite place to be, traveling to new places is something my soul craves often.


I feel complete peace when I’m around water, so I couldn't live in a better place.

I can not read enough of God's word, personal development or nutrition books.I love listening to podcasts.  If something can help me learn, grow and strengthen any area of my life I am all over it! 


I love to shop whether it's for my closet or for our home and especially for others.

I love setting goals and challenging myself personally along with professionally!

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what can i do for you

Never in a million years did I think I would be helping other women create healthier lifestyles. The journey I was on as a client gave me the tools, support and resources I needed to get my life back on track which led me to have such a strong desire to pay it forward. Becoming an Accountability coach has allowed me to live the life I have been desiring to live for years, I just never imagined this is how it would get me here and I feel incredibly grateful this was God's plan. I am honored to help change the lives of thousands of women's lives. A couple years ago I began not feeling like myself as I struggled with stress, inflammation along with gut and hormone issues. As I began my healing journey I started talking with so many women who were struggling with the same issues only they could not find anyone to help them get answers or find out what the root causes were. This led me to pursue the path to go back to school and after completing my classes and exams I am now a certified Holistic Health practitioner and an Integrative Health Practitioner.  I believe with all my being that I have been taken down this road to serve others. So that's exactly what I intend to do.


absolutely love being able to help women learn how to nourish their bodies without feeling deprived and create healthier lifestyles in all aspects. As a practitioner I can now help women as I work 1:1 with them to discover what the root causes are to their struggles when it comes to weight loss,  hormones, inflammation, gut issues and more. 


My Accountability groups allow me to offer tools, support and community in a very affordable way to clients. After years of wanting to work 1:1 with women and being able to support them in a much more personal way I am now able to do that as a Holistic Health practitioner. 


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"My goal is to help you truly make this a lifestyle change."


"Being overweight kept me from enjoying so many things in my life. I went to concerts, weddings, cook outs, swimming and loved every minute because not only did I feel alive again, I could do all those things!"


- Patty

"I have finally found what works for me and I can stick with it for life because it has all the elements: nutrition, accountability, support, exercise, and friendship. Other programs that I have done had only pieces of this."


- Carla 


Thank you for contacting me! I'll get back to you within 24 hours. Looking forward to chatting!


If you are looking to work 1:1 with me make sure you head to "join me" then click on work 1:1 with me to fill out that form at the bottom of that page.  If you want access to my accountability group make sure you click on that page and If you just want to stay connected you can fill out this form.

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