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Virtual Business Opportunity

When something has been placed on my heart and I can not stop thinking about it, it ussually means I need to share because someone needs to hear this! I have a feeling that there are women out there that can relate to what I am about to share and like myself wondered was there anything out there that would allow them to be a present mom like they were craving to be while being able to bring in an income to help support their family. I would have given anything for this when my children were little but I thank God every single day for this business because it has allowed me to create the life I was craving to live for well over a decade.

God's timing is always best so maybe that is exactly why you are here right now reading this. My hope is by taking you back in time with me and by sharing my story it will resonate with those who are looking for eactly what I have found!



What Are Some Of The Most Common Worries, Fears and Misconceptions About Coaching?

I know that when it comes to starting a new business everyone has questions and concerns. I also know that when I started coaching I did not know a lot about Network Marketing. The first time someone told me I was joining a pyramid scheme I honestly didn't know how to answer it because I didn't know what that actually meant. I went home and googled what a pyramid scheme was so that I could have a valid answer. I mean SERIOUSLY, I never thought twice about Beachbody being a scheme because I was using the products, the programs and getting amazing results as a client, I had a supportive coach and I was thriving and positive.

But I needed to be armed with the right answers if those questions happened again. So I'm going to share with you how I view the opportunity and what we really do so that you can make a better decision if this is the right fit for you.

1. Is Beachbody A Pyramid Scheme? Absolutely not, a pyramid scheme is illegal and we are regulated by the FTC. A pyramid scheme is when there is no transaction of goods and services being provided. You would be just signing distributors up to earn a commission and you don't care if they use the products, all your income comes from signing people up and them signing people up. Many companies have been shut down for this illegal approach. Beachbody prides itself on being product and results driven. Our mission is to help people achieve a healthy and fulfilling life and we lead with the products as a way to show others how it can be done. When you go to sign up, you will get a product pack and your first goal will be to start and complete a fitness program so you can share your results.

2. Did I get in early enough? This is another big one! Some people think that if you didn't sign up when the company was first started that you missed out.

I'm going to be super honest with you- this is totally false. The time of sign up has nothing to do with your future success. That type of thinking is "small minded" and restrictive with our business. The day you sign up is the day you get to choose your outcome. Your success is a direct reflection of the hard work you put in. This is a business opportunity and there is no guarantee of fast results, quick money or get rich quick. If someone is promising you all of that I would proabbly run! I can tell you that this is a great business opportunity and one that can provide for you financially, but you have to be willing to do the work! I cannot wait to wake up everyday and help my clients, grow my following and get my team to reach their own goals. I love that I get to control the bottom line with my work ethic vs working for someone who dictates my salary, when or if I even get a bonus or have to ask for time off. There are leaders rising in the company and earning their biggest paychecks all the time.

The best part about our business is that we change with the times. We have gone from an infomercial business, to direct sales, to DVDs and now digital streaming. We have learned to adapt and change as social media changes and as your leader I will stay up to date on social media trends so that you can cut that learning curve!!!

3. Do I have to be at my goal weight to start coaching? No way! I always say that the best coaches are the ones that share their starting point and every step of the way. By using your social media to show your day 1, your day 7 and so on and so forth people get to be a part of the story! They get to see you go through the ups and downs of making a lifestyle transformation and this is what builds trust. FACTS TELL but STORIES ACTUALLY SELL! So using your platform to connect to your audience and authentically share YOUR journey is what is going to actually help you rock your business results.

Be bold, show your audience how you are transforming and living a healthy lifestyle! It will inspire people that you never ever even though you would know!

4. Do I have to sell to my family and friends? Well here is the thing! My first customers were my family and friends because they wanted to do what I was doing! They also trusted me because they saw that it was working for me so they wanted to link arms. It is like recommending your favorite mascara to a friend because it makes your lashes look incredible. Wouldn't you do the same for a product that is changing your health and fitness? Of course you would! So this will be the same thing! Of course it won't stop there. The goal is to reach out and connect with people through social media and sharing your own story- not through salesy cold messages either! But remember, this is a business opportunity. So to acquire customers you have to be willing to make connections, chat with people and provide a solution to their problems.

Ok do you have any more questions? Respond to this email and I can totally answer them for you!

I hope this gives you peace of mind knowing that coaching is totally possible for you! But you have to envision your own success! You have to be confident that you can learn what you need to learn and execute it! I know you don't know the "how" of coaching just yet, but the question is this... ARE YOU WILLING TO LEARN? ARE YOU COACHABLE? ARE YOU DRIVEN? ARE YOU MOTIVATED? ARE YOU AN INDEPENDENT LEARNER? DO YOU THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX?

Lastly, ask yourself this question! When I think about starting my own Beachbody business, who do I want to help? What is my ideal target audience or customer? Who do you relate to best? Is it busy working women, mommas with kids, single women who are looking for a way to grow an income? Are you someone who is asking yourself, is there more to life?

If you can create this vision for who you can help and why this will be so powerful in me helping you launch your business!

Here is some additional resources!! What Is Beachbody!!! More information on our company and our products and programs!

What is Beachbody On Demand?

What are the products we have to offer?

Did this help? What questions do you have for me?

Are you ready to get started? If so, respond back to this message and I can walk you through the sign up process.

If you are interested in learning more about this business opportunity I would love to invite you to join me on February 10th at 8pm EST for a webinar I am hosting with my good friend Kendra who is also a coach. We will share more about the business opportunity with you and we will also answer any questions you may have! Email me for the link at

I only accept 5 women per month into my self paced mentorship program and I have 4 spots left for this month! You can find the application to apply to work with me here:

I look forward to chatting with those of you that are interested in linking arms with me or seeing you next wednesday night! This may just be the game changer for your life like it has been mine!



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Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

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