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Ready To Change Your Mornings From Chaos To Calm On Monday?

Instead of waking up tired and feeling anxious for one more morning this year, why don’t we take control of our mindset, priorities, and time, and begin building habits that will serve us for months to come? Sounds impossible, right?! It’s not, and luckily, we can do it together! Here are three tips to improve your mindset this month. Try each and see which ones work best for you!

🧠 Wake up 30 minutes earlier than you need to

- Less sleep? Um, no thanks! But there is nothing worse than the feeling of waking up right before (or after 🤭) you are supposed to! Starting your day late or rushed will knock off the rest of your entire day, so set an intention to wake up earlier and give some time back to yourself. If you love hitting snooze set that clock 40 minutes earlier instead!

🧠 Begin gratitude journaling - You know that extra 30 minutes we are going to build in to our mornings? Gratitude journaling is the perfect thing to do! Grab a blank notebook, or order a more specific journal that meets your needs, and take 5 minutes to reflect. Write 5 things you are grateful from the day before. Think SMALL. Reading back on all the things in your day that you remember and are thankful for will start your mindset on the right foot!

🧠 Meditate, daily - Meditating always sounded like a huge, impossible task that someone with the anxiety, worry and business like me could never take on. But I read recently that if you can breathe, you can meditate, so I decided to give it a try! Beachbody’s newest program Unstress: 21 Days of Meditation was the perfect beginner’s guide for me and I hope you’ll try it too! In just 10 minutes a day, the program guides you through meditation to slow down, melt away anxiety, unclutter your mind and sleep better! If you are interested in this- please hit reply and let me know!

Which tip will you try first?


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Hi, I'm Kate, a Holistic Health + Integrative Health Practitioner. I love helping other women learn how incredible they are meant to feel from within that they can't help but glow on the outside.


As a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Integrative Health Practitioner I am here to guide and make recommendations. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences, education and what I have discovered working with clients.

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