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Do you ever feel like if you ask for help you're failing?

Do you ever feel like if you ask for help you're failing?

I have always pretty much prided myself on being able to do it all which is honestly not something to be prideful about especially as a mom, wife & a business owner because guess what? I can not ever do it all no matter how much I try.

I never seem to meet all my high daily expectations which can often lead to overwhelm, frustration & a whole lot of internal stress. Not healthy at all I know but I am working so hard on improving this

One of the first goals I had when I started my business was once I created a stable income I was going to hire house cleaners. I knew if I could have help in this area it would relieve so much stress and I would gain so much more time to be able to accomplish other things. When my house cleaners leave I don’t ever feel like a failure I feeling nothing but the utmost gratitude.

The second goal I had was to hire an assistant to help me with a lot of my back end business tasks that way I could spend the majority of my time doing what I love which is mentoring my coaches, hosting trainings, creating content & pouring into my clients.

For years I have been wanting to hire one ever since my last one retired but I let my pride get in the way until this past Friday. Another coach highly recommended her assistant after I had reached out to her. I knew this was someone I could trust so we set up time to chat. As we talked I just kept feeling lighter and lighter. I told her God knew I needed her in my life! Honestly the relief & excitement I felt was incredible.

My house cleaners enjoy what they do, they are incredibly efficient, they take pride in what they do & their service helps me.

My new assistant enjoys & takes pride in the tasks that I do not enjoy. Her service helps me.

Because of these women & their help I am able to help & mentor more women that need what I have to offer them.

It’s okay to need help.

It’s okay to ask for help.

It’s okay to get help.

I needed this reminder BIG TIME, so I thought maybe you might need it to.

You can do anything but you can’t do everything especially when you want to do it well and that’s okay

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Hi, I'm Kate, a Holistic Health + Integrative Health Practitioner, Accountability Coach and  A Business Mentor. I love helping other women learn how incredible they are meant to feel from within that they can't help but glow on the outside.


Please consult the doctor you are currently working with prior to starting your wellness journey. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences and education

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