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Did You Snag Your Spot In My Feel Your Best Bootcamp?

What if October was all about feeling your BEST? What if you were invited to a challenge sharing daily tips to help you feel your best this fall? Do you need something like this in your life? I am glad you are reading this!

My October Bootcamp will be the month you learn to prioritize your wellness, create routines that make you more productive, and increase your daily wins to carry you through the rest of 2022 and beyond! Are you ready to make Fall your BEST season?

The number one way I can guarantee I feel better is by MOVING. There are moments before I press play when I don’t feel my best about the workout I’m about to do, but once I get started? I’ve never regretted a workout! This month we are going to bump up the movement with a weekly step challenge each Saturday. And that’s just one of the theme days we’re going to cover!

Here are some more daily themes inside my bootcamp to get excited about!

🍂 Best Recipe Swaps - healthy swaps for your favorite fall cravings,

🍂 Boost your Confidence - confidence tips and tricks to build into your routine,

🍂 Bonus Booty Blast - a double workout challenge to burn your buns,

🍂 Your Best Week - check-ins to share what’s working + what to try to feel your BEST!

Are you ready to Feel Your BEST? This is the challenge for you! Reply “BOOTCAMP” to get more info and share your spot today!

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Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

Hi, I'm Kate, a Fitness and Lifestyle Coach who teaches clients how to be good to themselves, how to nourish their bodies the right way and how to incorporate workouts into their lifestyle from the comfort of their own home.

Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

Please consult your doctor prior to starting Shakeology, new eating habits and any new exercises. I am not a certified nutritionalist or a certified trainer. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences.

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