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How Am I Ever Going to Live A Healthy Lifestyle?

The emails and messages have been rolling in more and more. Defeat, struggling, frustration, feeling hopeless, anger and so many more feelings have been shared with me. WHY? Because every one of these women that reached out to me wanted to start out 2019 strong. They wanted this to be the year that they got healthy. They want this to be the year the look in the mirror and actually love what they see. But February has rolled around and they feel no different then they did on Janaury 1st. Every one of these messages I am receiving wants to know how becoming a client of mine will be any different then what they are already doing? I believe this process is different because of all the tools you will be given in this process, but the most imprtant thing to remember is if you are NOT applying them all, don't expect everything to change or to fall into place or magically change your life. This process is not a quick fix. This process will not give you a dramatic transformation over night. This process will change your life but only if you do the work on a daily basis and apply everything I am sharing with you.

Fab Five, five rules with tools you will begin to apply to your life when you become my client:

1.Workouts: I’ve done it all! Bootcamps, Jazzercise, Body Pump, yoga, running, personal training, group fitness & wandering around aimlessly at the gym just to end up on the elliptical or treadmill again.There is truly nothing wrong with any of the above ways to stay active but the problem for me was I was never getting the results I wanted until I found these workouts. For the first time in years I started to watch my body really change. For years, I made myself crazy and spent SO MUCH TIME & MONEY trying to get fit. So Why does this work? Because it’s consistent and scientific. There is an actual method to the madness. Trust me, I was blown away when I got in the BEST shape of my life in 25-30 min a day! You will be too! There is something for everyone whether you are just begining and haven't worked out in years or have been working out for years. The variety of hundreds of workouts at your fingertips allows you to have access to everything from strength training to HIIT, pilates, yoga, MMA training, step, cardio, dance cardio, preganancy workouts and so much more.

2.Nutrition: again, tried it all. Counting calories, raw, vegan, low carb, juicing, no Carb, diet pills, Weight Watchers. . . what I didn’t take into consideration as to why all of these methods were failing for me. I could not stick to any of these methods for life. None of us want to get results we can’t keep. I found myself constantly feeling deprived, which led to binge eating or being completely miserable because I was so hungry. Then I found portion control partnered up with Clean Eating. No more guesswork, no more counting, no more eliminating food groups. All the sudden I was eating more, enjoying food and the weight finally began to fall off. Mind blown! As I’m sure you will be too!

3.Mindset: This is my JAM! It’s a game changer. You can have all the tools but if you aren’t working on the way you think, nothing will change. This is truly where I thrive and what I love teaching the most. I’ve gotten so many messages about people coming to me to help them lose weight and low and behold their lives changed on every level because of the tools I provide them along with mindset practices I teach. Here is the deal that often hits home. How many of us weighed that goal weight we want to weigh again and we look at those old pictures of ourselves and think I will know what it’s like to be happy again if I look like that. But for me personally I remember still not being happy with myself or loving what I saw in the mirror or pictures. This is why transforming your mindset is so important as we transform our bodies. Friends there is no better feeling than being able to confidently fall in love with our imperfectly perfect bodies.

4.Accountability: I know for me in the beginning of my journey, I could easily let myself down (last on my list was the name of the game for so many years as a wife and momma) but I won’t let others down.So when I first began my journey as a client I always showed up because I didn’t want the other clients in the group or my coach to think I was lazy with excuses or failing. I’ll be there checking in everyday into our accountability group. You’ll have a coach (me) that you have access to at all times, not just once a week. Together we are stronger!

5.A tribe: Motivation, support, recipes, vulnerability and lots of laughs even some good tears…. When you are part of a tribe of women that are cheering you on and supporting you, you’ll show up, you’ll dig deep, you’ll rise higher than you ever knew was possible. I have no doubt you’ll find your extraordinary and then be cheering on others!

These tools, this process ultimately gave me my life back and so many others as well. It’s why I decided I had to coach. If someone like me who was 50 lbs. Overweight, on many medications for depression/anxiety, had no self worth or confidence...felt disgusted & ashamed could change all of that??? As scared as I was, I had such a strong feeling inside that I was meant to share my journey & was craving to help others know they too could feel as good as I do.

“It’s time to discover how good you are truly meant to feel." Here is my client application to take the Self Love Challenge: ​

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Hi, I'm Kate, a Holistic Health + Integrative Health Practitioner, Accountability Coach and  A Business Mentor. I love helping other women learn how incredible they are meant to feel from within that they can't help but glow on the outside.


Please consult your doctor prior to starting Shakeology, new eating habits and any new exercises. I am not a certified nutritionalist or a certified trainer. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences.

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