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The Ultimate Reset Wrap Up

The Ultimate Reset, did exactly what we wanted it to. We detoxed, we rid toxins & we truly are thankful that even though it was very challenging at times (mentally) we finished strong. We did not have one cheat & each day that passed we seemed to feel more empowered. I ended up following the same meal plan from week 2 for week 3, just lowered the amount of grains & legumes. It is also suggested to have a 1/2 scoop of Shakeology & I did a full scoop each day. Week 3 is all about restoring your body. We had a birthday party & memorial cookouts during this time. So we ended up bringing our own food & letting the hostess know ahead of time why.

Above were the meals we brought to our Memorial day cookout. We had a salad with fresh squeezed lemon, chickpea salad & black bean salad. we made sure only to eat off the ingredient list that was provided by the ultimate reset in order to make sure we nailed out nutrition. I noticed a huge difference in my food cravings. I was a round all the foods that tempted me during these events, yet I did not feel deprived or tempted.

I went from eating my normal breakfast for a year which was one egg, 1 whole 30 approved piece of bacon & an an ezekiel english muffin to a fresh fruit bowl. I was surprised as to how fulfilled & satisfied I felt eating this each morning.

We tried to get create on our typical taco Tuesday night & created avocado with veggies over romaine leaves. It tasted great! I really enjoyed eating vegan & my husband & I were shocked as to how great we were feeling. Each day we felt energized, lighter & a mental clarity we had only seem to feel in the past on caffeine, but even that feeling didn't do it justice.

We did not do the Ultimate Reset to lose weight but it was one of the benefits. I took my before pictures the day before I had surgery. I did have some swelling under my belly button in my after pictures. My body was still healing, but you can see in the pictures how my body changed. I ended up losing 11 pounds & 9.5 inches overall. My energy felt amazing, even without the caffeine for 3 weeks. Overall I just feel amazing & I know this is what my body was craving. My husband experienced a 12 pound loss, many inches lost including 2 inches from his waist, hips & 1.5 inches form his neck. He is sleeping better than he ever has & can not get over how great he feels. We truly felt prior to this we felt the best we could ever feel, but after the Ultimate Reset we were shocked that it got even better.

The Ultimate Reset is a great program if you are trying to break poor food habits, you are recovering from an injury or surgery, your body needs to detox & rid toxins or your digestive system needs to get back to it's prime working order. It is not as easy process.

You have to plan. You have to prep. You have to make a HUGE commitment when you commit to this program, but we will tell you 100% the benefits are completely worth the investment & time. The plan is completely laid out for you, there are support groups on Facebook for each week of the reset & a hotline for support anytime you need it. You will invest a good amount of money into the program & your first grocery trip if you need a lot of the ingredients and don't already have them on supply. You will learn how to cook many new items & you will notice your taste buds really start to change after week 1. My husband & I are feeling so amazing we still have not incorporated dairy or animal protein back into our diet. I am not sure if this is something we will keep up long term but we are doing a lot of researching about being Vegan because we feel that amazing. I did have some beef this past Friday night & felt so sick afterwards, I am not sure if I will do it again. Honestly we would have never thought in a million years we would ever consider being Vegan longer than the two weeks with the Ultimate Reset but when you feel so amazing, it makes you want to research & learn more. I also have to say that after week four my stomach is the flattest it has ever been since having my three children.

Even in the above picture I still have some swelling, but this week nothing. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to email me at or click on this link to grab more information on the Ultimate Reset: Ultimate Reset Complete Kit

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Please consult your doctor prior to starting Shakeology, new eating habits and any new exercises. I am not a certified nutritionalist or a certified trainer. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences.

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