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Go After What You Want In This Life

Making it to the top 4% of the company doesn't happen by luck or magic. It happens because you believe in what you do & the impact you are making so much that you give your business everything you have every moment you can. You believe there are no limits. You believe that any goal you set you are going to make happen. I have huge goals I am going to achieve this year & I want other women who want to go after what they want in this life to join me.

I am looking to mentor 5 women that want to create a successful business as a coach.

  • Women that want the flexibility to work their job around their family.

  • Women who are hustlers, go getters & want to hit the ground running.

  • Women who do not believe in using excuses, that make it happen because that's just what you do.

  • Women that believe they were meant for something more.

  • Women that would love a job that requires them to live a healthy lifestyle & help support others to do the same.

  • Women that would love to be recognized for their hard work.

  • Women that have big dreams they want to make possible.

  • Women that want to be the CEO of their own business.

If you see yourself saying yes to all of the above then, then I want to invite you to join my virtual sneak peek next week from the comfort of your home as I stream "live" in a private group, just message me & I will send you the invite.

I will be providing training in our new coach training university. It is a 30 day step by step program to help you effectively launch your business, use social media to promote and increase your following, pitching to your niche of individuals you would like to help, effectively start a support and accountability group and learn how to share & not sell.

My goal is to keep you from reinventing the wheel, giving you access to all of my resources, documents, guides & scripts that have helped me to have success in builiding my business. You will also have access to weekly calls where we provide more training & support. You will have everything you need at your fingertips to start going after your dreams, building your empire & the only person ever standing in your way is you.

It happens to be the perfect time to get started before we expand internationally, allowing you to help so many more clients. With millions of people in poor health, fighting obesity & struggling to find what works works, you can help them finally give them the support & tools they need to create a healthier lifestyle & honestly that is the most rewarding part of this job...changing lives.

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Hi, I'm Kate, a Holistic Health + Integrative Health Practitioner, Accountability Coach and  A Business Mentor. I love helping other women learn how incredible they are meant to feel from within that they can't help but glow on the outside.


Please consult the doctor you are currently working with prior to starting your wellness journey. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences and education

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