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This Is Not How Your Story Is Going To End

Do you ever feel like this is it? Like this is the best your life may ever get & you just settle?

Do you ever feel like things are never going to improve, those dreams you once remembered at a young age feeling would come true one day, haven't entered your mind in years?

Do you struggle to remember the last time you day dreamed or wrote down your goals you wanted to achieve in this one life?

Do you feel like I guess this is just how life is suppose to be lived. You get up, you go to work, you pay your bills & you survive. You are alive, but you are not truly living?

Almost two years ago I had came across a book that made me question everything I was doing in my life. When I was listening to this book, it asked me to imagine this was my last day on this earth. I started to really think about that & about all the things I would regret achieving, seeing or making happen before leaving this earth. I paused the book I was listening to & then really imagined this being it & thinking about all the things I would regret not making happen...before I knew it I couldn't stop the list that was being created in my head.

Listening to personal development has unlocked a part of my brain that I hadn't seen in a very long time. I got so wrapped up in taking care of everyone around me, that I didn't realize I had closed the door to my wants, needs, goals & dreams. I didn't realize there is so much I want to accomplish, to see, to experience & I hadn't even come close to making any of those dreams or goals come true. Partially because I didn't ever think about it, I stopped dreaming, stopped having goals & I realized fear had always prevented me from going after anything or changing how things were going.

Over the last couple of years of this journey I have been on, I have learned a lot about myself. Incorporating all these changes into my life were scary, were hard, were out of my comfort zone, but they have helped me grow & learn so much about myself.

If you would have told me a few years ago that I would be going after my dreams, setting goals, feeling good in my own skin, having a fire lite with inside of me, feeling confidence in every aspect of my life, a CEO of my own Accountability Coaching business, mentoring other women in business, had a passion & purpose like I have never felt before I would have probably told you that you were insane & are talking about the wrong woman, that there was no possible way this could be my life we were talking about...but guess is.

I have learned our life doesn't change by luck & it won't change over night, but if you are determined to be fearless & to make the most out of every day you have left here on this earth, then your eyes will be opened to a world you once imagined long ago to be true.

I don't care how you grew up, how you were handed the raw deal, how you came from nothing, how it's just not in your genes, how it doesn't happen to people like you....stop telling yourself these things. They are true because you make them to be true!

You may feel like your story is over like I I know I know it is just the beginning. You are the only person that has the power to change your life. I can not tell you how many times in conversations people say to me: "those days are over" "I can kiss that dream goodbye" "that was just a dream" "the glory days are over" "I guess I will die never knowing" "I guess I wasn't meant to enjoy life the way I imagined" "that could never be me" "they got lucky"

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????? WHY NOT YOU????????

I do not care if you are 25, 35, 45, 55, 65 or 75 years old, if you are alive & breathing your story is not over. Wake up & get after those dreams! You are in control! Be Fearless, work hard, stay determined & make it happen!

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Hi, I'm Kate, a Holistic Health + Integrative Health Practitioner. I love helping other women learn how incredible they are meant to feel from within that they can't help but glow on the outside.


As a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Integrative Health Practitioner I am here to guide and make recommendations. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences, education and what I have discovered working with clients.

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