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21 Day Fix Approved Crockpot Buffalo Ranch Chicken

This is such a simple recipe and taste so good! I use this crockpot chicken recipe to create my buffalo chicken wing salad. The prep time takes 3-4 minutes and then when the chicken is done cooking I place over lettuce. I prep all my vegetables and lettuce over the weekend, so that way I can pull everything out of the fridge and it is ready to go!


  • Tessamaes Ranch Dressing (or homemade ranch dressing dairy free or organic ranch dressing in the packet)

  • 7 chicken breast depending on how many people you are feeding (I am feeding a family of five, but you can also save the leftovers and freeze them)

  • Low sodium vegetable broth 1 cup

I pour the broth in the bottom of the crockpot, then place the chicken on top and cover with the ranch. I do make sure there is ranch on all the chicken. I cook on high for the first hour and then low for the next 5 hours. If you are gone longer from work during the day, make this at night when you are home. After its cooked you can shred or cut the chicken up. This chicken will have a ton of flavor.

I put it over a bed of lettuce, add extra veggies like carrots, celery and cucumbers, then drizzle with Tessamaes wing sauce (half the sodium that Franks contains) and add crumble blue cheese.

If you are following the 21 Day Fix Nutrition plan:

1 red

2 greens

1 blue

1 orange

I order all my dressings, wing sauce & mayo from Tessemae's. They are clean eating approved! Click on the link to check out all they have to offer:


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