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Find Out If I Liked The New Cafe Latte Shakeology

Cafe Latte Shakeology is being released today as the newest addition to Shakeology. I had the pleasure of tasting it over the weekend. I had it blended it with water and ice. It blows any coffee drink out of the water because of it’s nutritional benefits and the taste is great! I was pleasantly very surprised at how much I liked it. I had a lot of people that do not drink coffee, tell me how much they liked it. This is going to be a huge hit with my clients because of how great it taste and everything it has to offer them. I am super excited to be able to tell them they can finally purchase it.

Café Latte has a robust and smooth café latte flavor, that is light enough for coffee and non-coffee drinkers alike.

What else is so GREAT about Café’ Latte?

All the bad things about coffee are swapped out for super foods, protein, probiotics and enzymes, everything that I’ve been feeding my body for the last 22 months to keep it healthy and strong, including all nine essential amino acids, which you need to help build and repair muscle.

You’ll get a natural boost of energy – not a quick caffeine buzz that’s followed by a crash – so you can power through a workout and won’t be faced with any late-afternoon cravings for sugar or caffeine to help you reboot and get through the day. Shakeology essentially squashes cravings for junk food by providing more than 70 different nutrients in one delicious glass, and it offers sustainable energy that lasts throughout the day.

Café Latte Shakeology uses the whole coffee fruit rather than just the bean, and that little superfruit is one nutrient-dense berry! Sadly, It’s the healthiest part of the plant, and it usually ends up in a compost heap. Which seems pretty crazy to me!

By putting the whole fruit to use – essentially using not only the coffee bean but also the nutrient-dense protective skin around the bean – there’s less waste, so Café Latte allows Shakeology to reduce its carbon footprint while offering a green product that’s good for the planet. The fruit, indigenous to India and Mexico, is still picked by hand, so by making use of it, Shakeology also helps encourage sustainable farming practices that do even more to protect the environment.

Still, the health benefits are out of this world and even better is that it taste so great!

Not only is the coffee fruit packed with antioxidants – it has more than green tea, blueberries, raspberries and pomegranates, and helps keep pickers’ hands looking younger despite all that time in the sun – but studies have shown that this little-used super fruit can help improve cognitive function, essentially boosting our brain power along with our energy, endurance and ability to fight free radicals that can damage skin cells and speed up aging.

You can purchase it today & there is a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. You have 30 days to try this out & discover the benefits of Shakeology added into your daily diet.

You may place your order today at:

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Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

Hi, I'm Kate, a Fitness and Lifestyle Coach who teaches clients how to be good to themselves, how to nourish their bodies the right way and how to incorporate workouts into their lifestyle from the comfort of their own home.

Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

Please consult your doctor prior to starting Shakeology, new eating habits and any new exercises. I am not a certified nutritionalist or a certified trainer. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences.

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