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I Could Not Believe My Results With The 3 Day Refresh

I decided that the Monday after Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to try the 3 Day Refresh. The 3 Day Refresh is a healthy cleanse. It is a healthy way to rid bloat, reset your body and will help break some bad habits. The 3 Day refresh consists of three daily shakes, a fiber drink, plenty of filtered water, plus a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and healthy fats throughout the day to keep your energy and metabolism going. The meal plan is very simple and offers many alternatives, including some creative ways to make your meals, so you will be enjoying what you eat during this process.
So what did my three days look like? I would wake up and immediately drink 8 ounces of lemon water. Then I would eat breakfast within one hour of waking up. I drank chocolate Shakeology, with a frozen banana. For my mid morning snack I would have the fiber sweep with ice, water and fresh lemon. This is not my favorite part, but shaking it up really well with ice water and lemon made it taste better. I then followed that with hot tea.
For lunch I would have the vanilla refresh shake with fresh raspberries, a vegetable from the list ( I had steamed green beans with raw sunflower seeds) and water. My afternoon snack would be a fruit or vegetable from the list. Then for diner I would have a delicious meal made from one of recipes provided, followed by a vanilla refresh shake.
While doing this program it is recommended that you only chose mild to moderate exercise. I chose to do 10 minute abs or 20 minutes of yoga during my three days. I made sure while following this program I did not cheat and followed it to a T. I had made some horrible choices over the Thanksgiving holiday and found my old habits of binging on sugar creeping back in. I had put on an extra three pounds and discovered that the morning I started the refresh and needed to weigh myself. I was ashamed that I let things get that out of control and angry because I knew how hard it was to lose three pounds. I was determined to make the best out of these 3 days. The only negative part for me was I felt foggy, my thinking was a bit off. Other than that I was starting to feel great. On the fourth day I woke up I felt energized and pretty amazing. My bloat was gone. When I stepped on the scale I jumped up and down. I lost a total of 6 pounds. My 3 pounds from Thanksgiving and an additional 3 new pounds. I also lost 1.5 inches off my stomach. My skin was clear and glowing. I would definitely follow this program again. I felt so empowered and rebooted after my 3 days.
If you would like to give this program a try and would like the support during your 3 days, join my January 4th online accountability group! Here is the link to get started: Once you make your purchase please contact me so I can get you in the group at

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Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

Hi, I'm Kate, a Fitness and Lifestyle Coach who teaches clients how to be good to themselves, how to nourish their bodies the right way and how to incorporate workouts into their lifestyle from the comfort of their own home.

Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

Please consult your doctor prior to starting Shakeology, new eating habits and any new exercises. I am not a certified nutritionalist or a certified trainer. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences.

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