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What If You Were Meant To Do Something Else?

How many of us go to school, work so hard to get the "dream job" and then realize this was not what you were dreaming of! I love interior decorating & design. I could not wait to turn my hobby into my passion. I worked at Pottery Barn as a Design Specialist and realized I needed to go out on my own, retail hours, working weekends, nights and holidays were not something I wanted to keep doing. I was missing out on too many special moments with my family and I could not miss another moment. Then I opened my own business, I loved what I did, but I truly felt like something was missing. I didn't want to admit that everything I worked so hard to achieve, was not what I wanted. That is hard to swallow and so hard to admit.

Fast forward to today and I am a Beachbody coach???? This was never something I dreamed of, this wasn't my plan, but let me tell you that when I read this article titled: 7 Ways to Know You Are in the Right Career, I realized I can answer yes to all 7 of these. I no longer feel like something is missing. I never dread Mondays. I never miss anything important to my children. This job is rewarding. I get paid to take care of myself! Even though this was not my plan, I am truly grateful to be doing what I am doing. Don't feel guilty if your dreams end up not being what you thought they would be, do what feels right. Sometimes that best things in life, are the ones we didn't plan for and the ones we took a leap of faith for!

I went from designing other's homes to designing my own life.

Read this article written by Meredith LePore & see if you can answer yes, to all seven of these statements.

With the average American spending 9-10 hours a day at work so 40-50 a week, it would be nice to find a job where you aren't miserable. In fact, it would be really great to have a whole career that makes you happy, but finding that — and realizing when you have — isn't always easy.

According to a 2012 report released by Gallup, there are twice as many “actively disengaged” workers in the world as there are “engaged” workers who love their jobs. And in the U.S. in particular, 52 percent feel pretty blah about their job and 18 percent actively hate them. But 30 percent are quite happy when it comes to work. If you're lucky, you are part of that 30 percent, but thanks to self-doubt or the grass always looking greener elsewhere, you may not even know it. Here are seven signs you have found your calling.

1. You don't get the Sunday blues.

"A clear sign you like your job is that you don't have Sunday night anxiety," Megan Broussard, founder of ProfessionGal, a career site for women, told Bustle. "People in jobs they hate often spend the whole weekend stressed because they're dreading work on Monday. If the extent of your Sunday depression is, 'Ugh, I'd so much rather watch 20 episodes of Scandaltomorrow than work,' you're doing well."

2. You don't mind putting in extra effort.

Every job involves annoying and challenging tasks, but you realize that is just a part of the bigger picture and you sign up for extra work. Simone N. Sneed, founder of Advice For A Brilliant Life, an online destination for socially conscious professionals who want to excel, told Bustle,"If during challenging times you find yourself digging in and stepping up rather than opting out, you've found a career that you love."

3. You are one with your company.

Broussard told us that you know you're on the right path when "you feel like the company you work for is your own, and you truly feel the ups and downs of the work you do because you truly care."

4. You can finally afford the things you want.

Of course, if you truly are happy in your career, money usually isn't the reason, but it can be one of them. It is great when you have a job that allows you to live the lifestyle you want, or at least get close to it.

5. You talk about your job all the time.

If you've ever hated your job, you know how much complaining career dissatisfaction provokes. But if you actually enjoy your job, you tend to be equally vocal about it. You know you're in the right gig, said Broussard, when "you are the only happy one at happy hour because everyone else is drinking to wallow after a bad day. You're pumped you're so lucky to do what you do." Just be careful about talking too much about how you love, love, love your career. All of those miserable people at the bar may not want to hear it.

6. You tell other people they should work at your company.

This is a big one. If you are truly happy with your company, you encourage other people to apply. You find yourself at brunch describing what solid people your coworkers are, the company's bright financial future, the value of its mission, and listing the many, many perks. (Did you mention the frozen yogurt machine?) Basically you talk about your job like it is your latest crush, says Broussard.

7. You're a little scared.

Nicole Williams, the bestselling author of “Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules into Career Success,” and Secret’s Career Confidence Coach told Bustle, "Don't misinterpret nervousness and stress as [evidence of] being in the wrong job." It may be "due to the fact that you're really excited about performing well, feeling challenged or even a little out of your league. These are actually signs that you're in the right job," Williams said. Remember, it is always good to be a little scared in your career. Comfort can quickly turn to boredom. "If you don't feel a little nervous and stressed, it indicates that your job is not challenging enough or that you don't have enough passion for either the industry or company to make it work in the long run," she added.

The wrong job is more often packaged in boredom, a lack of stimulation and/or passion for what you're doing. A lack of emotional or intellectual investment is a sure sign that it's time to move on.

I am always looking to welcome more coaches to my FreshFitTribe. I will provide training from the number one team in the company and you will understand what it means to live a life you designed!

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Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

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