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Fresh Food Delivered To Our Front Door From Plated

Different companies are popping up left and right, making life a little bit more convenient. Plated is one of those companies and I am going to share with you my experience. Plated delivers fresh food to your door. Everything you need to make a gourmet meal, the only thing I had to provide was two eggs. To begin this process, you would log into their site. You input your zip code and all the meals available for your area will pop up. You then select which meal you would like based on your likes or dietary needs. They have an option to select how many servings you will need. I selected four and it fed my family of five. It took less than a week for a dinner to be scheduled. You can have them delivered weekly or every other week. Everything comes packaged neatly in a cooler, so no worries if you're not home-it will stay nice and cold for you. Everything is packaged in bags with labels listing each ingredient. I was very impressed with the packaging. They include a nice recipe card with directions and great pictures. Above is the picture shown of everything that came in my package to make two meals.

The first meal we ordered and made for tonights dinner was the spring veggie burgers with carrot chips & lemon aioli. So after I removed everything from the packaging, it was time to start prepping. This part I would rate low due to the time, it took me an hour and ten minutes to prep everything. First the quinoa had to be cooked. Then the vegetables had to be rinsed, trimmed and cut. Next the lemons had to be zested and then squeezed for juice. Next the asparagus and sugar snapped peas had to be sautéed. When they cooled off, I made the aioli. I then had to mix the remaining ingredients together, add the eggs and form the veggie burgers. After they were formed, I put them in the fridge.

When we came back home from my daughter's track meet, it was time to cook everything I prepped. I drizzled the carrot chips with olive oil and baked those. I then placed the veggie burgers on the grill. Plated suggested cooking them in a pan, but with the weather so nice here today in New York, grilling sounded perfect. While those were grilling I put the brioche buns in the oven to toast them. Everything was cooked and ready within 15 minutes. So although the prep time was very long, the cooking time was short. I put some aioli on the buns and served everyone in the family.

Now comes the real test, the tasting part. The taste testers are my family. I have a 9 year old son, 11 year old son, 13 year old daughter and my husband. My 9 year old liked it, he said it wasn't his favorite meal ever-but he would eat it again. My 11 year old loved it. My 13 year old said she wished it was spicier, other than that it was good. My husband added hot sauce to it and said he enjoyed it. Now for my opinion, I think I liked it the most out of the five of us. I really enjoyed everything about it. The roll was delicious, I loved the aioli, the veggie patty was tasty and filling, the carrot chips were very good!

I think the next time I place my order I will pay attention to the prep time. I have to say this was a great experience and I would highly recommend it. If your interested in trying it out, use this link below that plated gave me and get a discount! Enjoy!!


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