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What Working From Home Is Really Like

I would love to sit here and share with you working from home is super easy. The truth of the matter is, I do not have anyone keeping track of me or setting deadlines to meet. I am my own boss, I only get paid when I work and the only way to be successful at what I do is by working hard. I still struggle with time management and I am learning this can not be my job 24/7. I absolutely love helping people and I am passionate about my job, so it is difficult pulling away. I have a hard time not getting back to anyone that contacts me right away, I want everyone to know that reaches out to me that they matter. There are some struggles to this and I am working on balancing things better. It can also be distracting working in your home, when laundry is staring you in the face, my dog is pulling on my pant leg for attention, bathrooms need cleaning and dishes are waiting to be washed.

Every job has it's struggles and I would have to say all the perks from working from home outweigh every struggle I have ran into. I get to be here in the morning to put my kids on the bus and get them off the bus. I can go eat lunch with my son whenever I want to. If there is an opportunity to volunteer at school, I can offer my time. If one of my children are home sick (like today) I get to be the one taking care of them, I don't have to worry about calling in and upsetting anyone. When my kids have off from school, I can work as little or as much as I want. Working in the restaurant business for 9 years, I ended up missing so many holidays with my family and working nights had me missing bedtime stories, bath time and dinner together. Those years were difficult and I always remember leaving my house with a gulp in my throat. I love not missing out on anything and truly treasure this. The best part is my business is mobile and I tend to get work done, when it's half time at a game, waiting at school to pick one of them up, in the waiting room at the orthodontist and there are plenty of more opportunities to get work done when your business is mobile. I think if your self motivated and passionate about what you do, then working from home would suite you as well. There is nothing like working for a company that truly rewards me all the time for my hard work. A lot of companies lack appreciating how hard their employees work and I have never felt that way since working for my company. I have never been treated so well before at any prior job as I am now.

No matter what your doing, there is nothing worse then not being appreciated and not truly loving what you do. Is working from home for everyone? Definitely not. If you have been thinking about it and wondering if you could make it work, I am proof that it is possible.

I have learned to chase my dreams and that things I thought were not possible....are. I was afraid to take the risk, but sometimes it's the things we are most afraid to do-end up being the most rewarding!

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Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

Hi, I'm Kate, a Fitness and Lifestyle Coach who teaches clients how to be good to themselves, how to nourish their bodies the right way and how to incorporate workouts into their lifestyle from the comfort of their own home.

Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

Please consult your doctor prior to starting Shakeology, new eating habits and any new exercises. I am not a certified nutritionalist or a certified trainer. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences.

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