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On A Mission This Holiday Season To Spread Health And Happiness

These days I am a posting machine on Facebook. I will be the first person to tell you, it is not easy to share all these personal things about myself and about my life. I have always been a private person. There are times, I hesitate before pressing post. The very first time I posted something very personal I had sweaty palms and was a nervous wreck. So you may be wondering why I am doing this to myself? It's simple. I have NEVER found something that works and has made me feel this good. I am the type of person when I am excited about something or like something-I want to share it with others. This is so much more than sharing a recipe or my favorite mascara. This is life changing, at least it has been for me. Not only physically, but most of all mentally. It's not about making money, because I will run FREE groups every month if I have too. I truly want to help people feel good about themselves again and in the process-get healthy.

Typically this time of year we are hustling-bustling and everyone is at the top of our lists, but our self. This holiday season I challenge you to give yourself the best gift of all health & happiness. I am offering a FREE clean eating group and you are not required to drink Shakeology, but I do highly encourage it. Make the time for yourself, because if you don't-let me tell you no one will do it for you. Why do I think I can help anyone? I can, because this lifestyle is adaptable for everyone and anyone. Clean eating is easy to learn and transition into. Clean eating has an 80/20 rule. Meaning 80% of the time you eat clean, 20% you indulge (not binge). So this holiday season you can still eat that slice of pecan pie and have your turkey dinner. This is why this process works, your not feeling deprived and you know you can eat what you want, but on most days your just choosing not too. In order to see a change, we need to make a change. The only person standing in your way is YOU and your excuses. Taking the first step is the hardest, but coming from me (the person who has tried it all) this will work and it will change your life. Do yourself a favor-BE GOOD TO YOURSELF this holiday season. We all deserve to be better to ourselves. Do something you have never done before. Get out of your comfort zone and trust me next year at this time you will be so grateful you did!

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Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

Hi, I'm Kate, a Fitness and Lifestyle Coach who teaches clients how to be good to themselves, how to nourish their bodies the right way and how to incorporate workouts into their lifestyle from the comfort of their own home.

Fitness and Lifestyle Coach - Fresh Fit Kate - Katie Bryant

Please consult your doctor prior to starting Shakeology, new eating habits and any new exercises. I am not a certified nutritionalist or a certified trainer. Everything on my website is simply based off my own personal experiences.

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